Easy Tracking Free for Jira is a plugin developed by Shinetech Software for Atlassian Jira product to help user track and manage issues in an easy way.

This plugin is to track the most important issues for you as a favorite todo list.

Rather than the existing issue filters which are set up with fixed conditions, and the labels which are visible to all people, we give you an ability to track/collect any issues you want in your own private list and manage them in priority and in a easier way.

Main Features

  • Allow to track or untrack any issue for user himself

  • Set easy follow up flags like Today, Tomorrow, This Week etc. for tracked issue

  • Select a specified date as follow up flag

  • Allow to write a memo for tracked issue

  • Show all tracked issues in popup window

  • Provide a prioritized issue list from top menu

  • Allow to search tracked issues with JQL function

  • Ability to sort tracked issues in the popup list

  • Allow batch operations to multiple issues

  • Support automatically start/stop watching issue

  • Provide flexible configurations for follow up rules


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